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Another tribute poem to the exquisite geometry of baking:

With heavy heart and a mind that aches
I am (once again) outwitted
by a love cake.


Be happy. Youve been outwitted by lesser things than a cake.

Annie Mei

Hi Izzy! You might think that instead of actually doing cool things, I just pass ideas onto you, and you'd be right. I think I already told you (or maybe your mom) about making chocolate leaves to decorate cakes. The new issue of Martha Stewart Living shows how to make decorative chocolate hearts (or other shapes) and it looks very doable. Maybe for the next birthday in your family you could make them (or another design, like the person's initials?). Here's the link on Martha's website. http://www.marthastewart.com/goodthings/chocolate-filigree-hearts


I love this idea, Annie Mei! Theyre just so pretty. And wed love to know about the chocolate leaves, too, if you still remember where you heard of them.

We do plan to make pita; sixth grade is getting in the way of our cooking, alas.


Izzys Mom

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Lovely cake


hi izzy, this is your mom's friend. her BEST friend from centuries ago. and i've shared many a slice o'cake w her.
- i never ever sift. & i never buy cake flour. don't bother.
-i am a huge fan of the cake dr. i know it's verboten to make box cakes, but her argument is very persuasive. her best cake is hummingbird - you must make it, w/ her cream cheese frosting.
-i clicked on this first b/c that pinky frosting looked so good but i'm horrified it's just strawberries & butter & sugar & that sounds so gross. i assumed it was gonna be cream cheese. but i guess if everyone loved it i would too.
good night dear.


You know, the strawberry frosting IS from Cake Dr. Think we forgot to acknowledge weve been making it so LONG.

And weve made the Hummingbird Cake, too, at your suggestion. Very good.


i will make this!!!!

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