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I love mushrooms. No, I lurve them.

These look SO good.

I see the recipe says that 12-18 mushrooms serve 6. That's only 2-3 per person. How can anyone be expected to control him or herself around these tasty little morsels?

I'm learning a lot from your blog, by the way. Maybe sometime you could show us some safe cutting/chopping techniques.

Thanks, Shelah


I love mushrooms and always have. Robert really hates mushrooms and always has. So I often have to saute some mushrooms separately when I'm making a dish so I can add them to my portion at the end! It gives him the willies if I put the mushrooms in the cooking pot and just tell him to pick them out.


Nice presentation, by the way. I love how you photograph the food you make.


Okay, youre right, the recipe really only serves one mushroom fan!! Thanks for reading and commenting.


A lot of my friends hate mushrooms too! Its crazy! Thanks for writing and reading my blog.


I totally love mushrooms! My mom makes really good mushrooms!


Thats cool, Ade! How does your mom prepare the mushrooms? Thanks for commenting-- and keep on snorting.

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