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Wow. Clementine is so cute. Was she named after the tiny orange, or the song, or an entirely different inspiration?


Both. And also its a tribute to our first hamster, Peaches. Seemed good luck to continue the fruit motif.


Hey Izzy. It's Ade. I think your blog is awesome. Clementine is absolutely adorable!!!!! I can't wait to see you again!


Wow. I've never had American style fried rice with cherry tomatoes before. That's a really good idea.

What if I don't own a rice cooker? Can I still make this recipe with rice I make in a pot on the stove?

Ade slept over last night. She loves cooking too. I told her she should think of a recipe she wants to make to guest blog on your website. She'll think about it. She just told me she wants to make a website too, but she's not sure yet what the focus will be.

Clementine doesn't look nearly as much like crab dip decoration as she used to. She has such long digits -- are you thinking of training her to become a concert pianist?

Keep the recipes and photos coming! They're really great.


for the first time in my life i don't have a rice cooker b/c i have a pressure cooker. i wouldn't try this in the pressure cooker but i miss doing this:
nestle a glass bowl of mixed eggs (w/ some salt or soy & sesame oil) in the uncooked rice & water. this works best when the rice cooker is almost full. it gets custardy & really yummy. but be careful when you take it out b/c it'll be superhot.

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