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I LOVE your new blog, your commentary and the pictures are great too.


Dianne J. Judd

I love this blog. I think you can go places (the stove) with all of your great recipes. Keep up the good work ----this might just catch on big with young ladies in your age group. Good luck with this blog and everything you try in the future. I think you have a great gift!

Love....Your grandmother, Dianne


We are excited to try the pancakes - thanks for doing your blog. We love the pictures too. Very helpful to me, especially because I am not the best chef!

Dave Wilder

Izzy, The Gingerbread house looks amazing and so do the winnie the pooh pancakes. aviv is a big fan of winnie the pooh AND pancakes right now, so i bet he would really love them. I wish we could all eat them together. Great blog! Merry Christmas,


Uncle Dave

ps lobster attack!


These look amazing.

Do you think they can be decorated with meringue mushrooms? That way they would look like big discs of lichen with mushrooms growing out of them. Not sure the chocolate mushroom cap filling will go well with the apples.

Also, how many pancakes does this recipe make (or how many people does it serve)?

Gita Wilder

Next year, I'm going to try those mushrooms, maybe even as part of an all-mushroom meal! I love this blog. Keep the recipes coming.



We love the idea of an all-mushroom meal! If you make it, send photos for the blog.


This is now my favorite blog. I particularly like your suggestion to mush the crab dip with your hands. The one person who may not benefit from this suggestion is the Maniac (who already mushes everything with her hands). All the food on your blog is awesome! Shank you.


That looks delicious!!!!!!

I have a blog too:

I just made it so there's only 1 post.


Hi, Ade,

Oooh, I LOVE lentil soup and will definitely make your soup this week. Also think the name of your new blog is excellent and like your profile picture (how is Ss rug anyway?). Weve bookmarked your blog and marked it as a favorite. Will comment, too, when we figure out how.

Thanks for writing!

Elizabeth, Izzys mom

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